Oneof a Kind Canine, LLC

1 Dog - $20/night

2 Dogs (shared kennel) - $31/night

3 Dogs (shared kennel) - $42/night

1 Cat - $11.50/night

2 Cats (shared condo) - $18/night

Exotics - $5/night


Doggy Peanut Butter or Yogurt Lickimat - $3/mat

Dog Ice Cream [offered during summer] - $3

Puppicino - $1.50

All reservations require a 50% deposit to confirm.

Payment for your pet's stay is required at or before drop-off (please see below for Holiday Reservation Requirements)

Required vaccinations (we MUST have proof of the following from a licensed veterinarian before your pet can be dropped off!):

  • Rabies *6 months and older (dog & cat)
  • DA2PL P/C (dog)
  • Bordetella (dog)
  • CVR-C (cat)
  • Your pet must be at least 4 months old and have 3 sets of their puppy or kitten boosters, including bordetella for dogs.

You are required to provide a copy of your pet's vaccination information (it can be faxed or emailed from your vet) as well as your pet's food for their stay. Please only bring enough food for the length of your pet's stay plus a little extra.Food must be in a resealable container (plastic bins or freezer bags). We will not accept store-bought bags as they take up a lot of space and will not protect your food against spillage or moisture.

In addition to cats & dogs, we also board exotics! Some of our accepted exotics include: snakes, lizards, fish, & hermit crabs. While most of these critters do OK for a day or two home alone, they will need care for extended vacations. We have experience caring for a variety of these types of pets and know how hard it can be to find someone to properly care for them while you are gone!

All exotics must be in their own travel-size, secure enclosure and provide anything they will need during their stay. This includes food, supplements, lighting, heat sources etc. Please contact us if you have questions about our exotics boarding! 

Cats will stay in Kitty Condos located in the loft above the kennel room. This allows the cats to be far enough away from the dogs to keep stress low, but still be able to see everything that is going on. The Kitty Condos are bi-level, with private litter box and food areas. Bedding, dishes, litter box, litter, and toys will be provided. Kitties will need to bring their own food and any medications for their stay. Please put food in a resealable container. If your cat requires special litter, please bring that as well. 

During their stay, cats will get one-on-one snuggle time as well as time on Me-aui Beach, an indoor exercise area designed with mental stimulation and play time in mind! 

Dog Boarding

New Dog Policy:

If you have a dog that has not stayed with us before they MUST complete a behavior evaluation before a reservation can be made. Please call us to discuss the requirements for new dogs

Instead of the typical cage-like kennels, that are small and dark, One of a Kind Canine’s boarding offers boarding suites that have a spacious outdoor run attached to their roomy indoor area. Due to our number of available runs, we recommend you make reservations as soon as possible as we tend to fill up quickly, especially during holidays and weekends.  

Indoor Kennels have solid side walls to prevent nose-to-nose contact, fence fighting, and to reduce stress, climb prevention roller bars, and glass front doors that allow the dog to see out and are lower stress than typical cage-like wire doors. Upon drop-off, the dogs will enter the drop-off yard to sniff around and check the place out, while their owners will come into the open, inviting lobby to check in. There will be a contract for the owners to sign (one for each dog, and it's good for the life of the dog!) and all accessories, including food will be checked in, as well. The dogs will then be shown to their suites and their belongings will be placed in the appropriate locker. More than one dog will be allowed in a single suite, if the owner is sure that the dogs get along and eat together with no aggression. If dogs from different households would like to room together, both owners must agree and sign an additional contract. 

All guests will be given a properly sized Nylabone to chew on during their stay as well as a complementary frozen Kong at bedtime. They will be provided with bowls for their food, and adequately sized water buckets. All food must be provided by their owners, as this will prevent upset stomachs from switching food and to help keep their stress level as low as possible. Owner-provided toys will not be allowed to prevent ingestion of chewed parts. We have a variety of beds that can be provided, along with a blanket, if requested.The guests will start their day at 8:00 am each morning with access to their outdoor run when the doors are unlocked and opened. At 8:00 am on weekdays, when the facility opens, any dogs arriving for their stay will be shown to their suites and fed, if needed.

Boarding guests that get along with other dogs get to participate in Dog Daycare, free of charge! Starting Wednesdays & Thursdays at approximately 8:30 am, the guests will join their corresponding Daycare groups (large dog, small dog, senior dog etc.) for a day of fun and play! At 3:00 pm, when the facility opens after lunch, the guests will return to their daycare groups for more play and adventures until approximately 4:30 pm. At this time, guests will return to their indoor/outdoor suites and relax until dinner, or until they are picked up. Five o’clock is dinner time and the facility closes for the night. Any vacated suites will be thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the next guest. At 9:00 pm, we will return, let everyone out for one more potty break, and bring all guests inside for the night, and lock the outdoor run entrances.

Weekends will start the same way at 9:00 am, and the dogs will spend their time relaxing either inside, or outside their suites, whichever they choose and they will be checked on throughout the day. Dinner and lock-in will be at the same times as they are during the weekdays. Boarding pick-up and drop-off will only happen during business hours.

Females in heat will NOT be allowed to board. Please note this can be up to 4 weeks!


Prices & Required Vaccinations

Come. Stay. Play!


Your pet's adventure-filled stay-cation! 

Me-uai Beach Kitty Condos


All our forms are available on your Pet Portal as well, click Book Now to login to view & sign them!

Exotics Care

Holiday Boarding 


Due to an increased number of last minute cancellations, holiday boarding reservations will be scheduled on a first come/pay, first serve basis. When making reservations for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break etc), you will be placed on a list, once you pay for that spot, a kennel will be reserved for your pets. If your plans change and you need to cancel your reservation after you've paid, you will be refunded 75% of that cost until the first of the month for that reservation (eg December 1st for Christmas & New Years). After the 1st, you will be refunded 50%. Thank you for your understanding.