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Daycare will be provided Wednesday & Thursday* 8am-5pm. Each day in One of a Kind Canine Daycare will be a different, and exciting adventure. Once owners have checked their dogs in, the dogs will be admitted into the appropriate daycare group. There will be different groups depending on the size, age, and personalities of the dogs in daycare that day. Each day will involve group play both indoors and outdoors, including games of fetch, obstacles to play on, and puzzle toys to keep them challenged and entertained. There will be a wide variety of toys for the dogs to choose from and play with. We have a pond, complete with creek bed and fire hydrant, during the summer to help keep the dogs cool and to add another activity to their daily adventures. From 1-3pm, when the facility is closed for lunch, the dogs will go into individual nap-time runs to rest. At 3pm, they will return to their play groups until they are picked up for the day. Before any dog will be admitted to daycare, they will need to go through a personality evaluation. The evaluation will take place during a normal day, the dog will be supervised and on-leash during this time to ensure a thorough evaluation as well as the safety of other dogs. If a dog is not suitable for daycare at the time of their evaluation, the owners will be given socializing tips and the dog may be reevaluated in two weeks’ time. Please call ahead if you would like to schedule your dog for daycare as space is limited. Please feed your dog at least 45 minutes prior to dropping them off at daycare. This allows time for digestion and helps prevent potentially serious problems. Daycare space is limited so please call in advance to see if we have openings. Daycare is for dogs who are friendly and social with other dogs. It is NOT a place for adult dogs to try to become social or trained. Daycare is NOT for all dogs, we reserve the right to pull any dog from daycare and cancel any future daycare reservations if an issue arises.

*Daycare will not be offered during holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break etc.) due to the increased amount of boarding guests.On occasion, there will be times when daycare will be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will post those dates as they happen.

Dog Daycare...because tired dogs are happy dogs!!

$12/dog per day

Daycare punch cards available now! 

Purchase a punch card for 10 days at daycare for $100!!!

Please check our Calendar often for dates that Daycare will not be offered!! 

Dogs must be 4 months or older and have at least 3 sets of their puppy booster vaccines as well as the bordetella vaccine!

Payment for your pet's stay is required at or before drop-off

Required vaccinations:

Rabies (6 months and older)

Oneof a Kind Canine, LLC


If you have a dog that has not stayed with us before they MUST complete a behavior evaluation before a reservation can be made. Please call us to discuss the requirements for new dogs.

​​Prices & Required Vaccinations