Lucky - Border Collie, 4 yrs


Lucky came to us from the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter in January of 2017. He was found wandering town around Christmas-time and his owner decided he didn't want him back, so he went up for adoption and found a home with my parents! This former ranch dog has learned a lot about being a pet, from walking on a leash and obedience, to how to play fetch! We introduced him to agility, turns out he's a natural and he absolutely loves it! He's a spunky, fun, loving boy and we are so happy to have him as a member of our dog pack!! (Parents dog)

Flash & Bang - Domestic Shorthair, 16 yrs


Flash and Bang had an adventurous start to their lives! A robbery followed by a high speed chase, that ended in the local SWAT team being called in to handle the situation and finally a flash bang. The criminal was arrested and Flash was taken to the local shelter. My dad (the sheriff and a SWAT team member who responded to the call) told my mom and I about the striped kitten (who was about 6-8 weeks old) and we insisted she needed us. The previous (and now incarcerated) owner surrendered both (wait BOTH?!) to the shelter. My dad and some deputies went to look for the kitten in the now sealed for evidence vehicle. Up popped a skin and bones black kitten and the rest is history!

Bo - Yorkshire Terrier, 11 yrs

Bo started my journey into the dog training world. I was 5 years old when we got him, and I started 4-H. He was a spunky little guy that loved to camp, fish, go for walks, and go for rides with his head out the window. He thought he was the biggest, toughest dog around, and we had to watch him to make sure he wasn't going to take on a giant dog! Him and Biskit were buddies, and would alert the whole neighborhood if anybody rang our doorbell! He was feisty little dog, and I will forever miss him.

Leica - Australian Shepherd, 7 yrs


Leica has excelled at on and off leash obedience. She is currently refining her scent detection to find antlers and does some agility for fun. She enjoys spending time in the country and going for walks with the pack! Riot and Sparks taught her to love the water and that the sprinkler is a great water toy. Her and Sparks were peas in a pod when it came to playing - they would out wrestle the boys everytime! She also helps socialize dogs alongside Nitro and Jeb.

Jeb - Australian Shepherd, 13 yrs


Jeb loves the outdoors and going for rides in the Ranger. One of his favorite hobbies is antler hunting (well, mostly running around peeing on all the bushes) and he loves to go fishing! He likes to play with tennis balls (when Leica and NItro aren't bulldozing everything in their path to get to the ball!) and swim, but he hates the hose. He is a very friendly dog and helps Nitro, and Leica teach canine students how to properly socialize with dogs. 

Pistol - Beauceron, 8 mo


Pistol is the newest member of our pack and has been such a great puppy! Nitro & him are the best of friends and play all day long! I have a lot of plans for this pup, but for now we are focusing on puppy socialization, manners, basic obedience, and some trick training. He will be close to 100 pounds, so being polite is a huge priority for us! He is a confident pup and rarely hesitates when it comes to new experiences, he loves everyone he meets and gets along great with dogs and cats (although he doesn't realize how big he is!) I am excited for our future with this handsome boy!

Hi! I’m Ashlea, your local, certified, professional dog trainer.  I’m a University of Wyoming graduate, with a degree in pre-veterinary medicine, and a National K-9 Certified Professional Master Trainer. 

I work closely with the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office K-9s; the staff at the Carbon County Veterinary Hospital and the local K-9 officers;  I am also a member of the Carbon County Search and Rescue and a 4-H leader for the Rawlins Reliables Dog Group. In addition, I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a member of The International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP) and National K9 Dog Trainers Association (NK9DTA).

Being a dog owner and trainer is truly my passion. I would love to work with you and your best friend(s).

Chloe - Miniature Beagle, 11 yrs


Chloe was Sparks' best bud and was Onyx's yard patrol partner. She loves going out for runs and trying to dig up gophers while the others play fetch. She came to us after her previous owners decided a new puppy and 2 small children was a bit of a handful. She has since come a long way in her training and her listening skills have increased exponentially! Her crazy-dog sprints/couch launching are hilarious - unless you are the cat that steps in her path at the wrong time and gets bowled over. (Parents dog)

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I'm a UW Pre-Vet graduate and a National K-9 Certified Professional Trainer.


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Being a dog owner and trainer is truly my passion. I will work hard to help make your best friend better.

Meet The Pack

Hooch - Bloodhound, 9 yrs

Hooch came to us through the Carbon County Sheriff's Office and the Allie Berrelez Foundation. My dad was the sheriff at the time and Hooch's handler. Hooch was an incredible tracking dog, family dog, and comedian. His natural talent and love of the job made training him exciting and fun. I probably ran hundreds of training tracks and countless miles to help my dad train Hooch. Each time I would try to win our game of hide and seek, but he always found me. He did great work for the Sheriff's Office during his career and gave us countless memories! Hooch is the reason I got involved with Search and Rescue with Sparks.

Onyx - Lab/Border Collie/Heeler, 14 yrs

​(4/13/2000 - 8/18/2014)

Onyx is the dog that started it all. I got her when I was in 5th grade and I took her everywhere I could! She was my agility dog for 12 years and the inspiration to follow my dreams and become a Professional Dog Trainer. She loved agility, camping, fetch with tennis balls, and pulling the fuzz off the tennis balls when she was done with them. She was my swimming buddy, my protector, fishing partner, and my best friend. Onyx will forever be a part of One of a Kind Canine, as she was the model for the logo.

What to Expect

Nitro - Yorkie/Border Collie, 3 yrs


Nitro is a happy, energetic little dog that came to us from the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter in January, 2018. She has settled in well, gets along great with everyone - but does take a little bit of time to warm up to new people, and loves Dragon & Phoenix. Nitro is a smart little nugget and learns new things very quickly. She is a fast little dog and has no problem keeping up with the big dogs. She's currently working on off leash obedience, socializing, scent detection, and some fun trick training. She has been great at agility so far, and is loves to swim. I have big plans for this little fox dog, and I am excited to see her continue to excel at her training! 

Sparks - Golden Retriever, 9 yrs

(5/4/2009 - 9/29/2017)

Sparks came to me through a service dog program while I was in college. The program closed down due to lack of funding and I was able to keep her since she was in the puppy stage of training. She accomplished many forms of training. She was a certified therapy dog making friends everywhere she went, she was also certified in Tracking/Trailing and Cadaver work and she was a member of the Carbon County Search and Rescue. She was a great asset to our training programs as well, she helped many dogs learn how to play and socialize properly. Her passing was sudden and unexpected and we miss this beautiful girl every day.

Dragon - Domestic Longhair, 3 yrs


Dragon is One of a Kind Canine's office kitty (she thinks she is one of the dogs)! This girl loves dogs and food (especially brownie bites and Taco John's!). She is a VERY friendly cat and has no concept of personal space, she will climb up on your shoulder to say hello! She is learning how to use the toilet (YAY no litterbox!) and is almost done with that training! She has promoted herself multiple times and is the official Head Security Inspection Officer, which means she will check out anything that comes through the front door, snuggle in dog beds, and make sure no snacks go uneaten! She is a sweet, spunky kitten, despite her unwavering attempts to play with everyone that wants to pet her!! 

About Me

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Biskit - Yorkshire Terrier, 13 yrs

Biskit was a sweet little dog who, despite her princess-type personality, was as outdoorsy as any other dog! She loved camping, fishing, and going for car rides with her ears blowing in the wind. She was the first dog I knew as a child and was definitely my dad's dog! Her and Bo triggered my love for feisty little dogs, and because of them I will always have a special place in my heart for Yorkies. She would let you walk into the house unannounced, but if you rang that doorbell everybody would know! She was a loving girl and her sweet face and personality could always make you smile.

Phoenix - Domestic Shorthair, 1 yr


Phoenix is our newest feline fur ball! This pretty kitty came from the same person we got Dragon from! I thought Dragon needed a friend to play with and decided Phoenix was the kitty for the job! She is super sweet and loves to be held and snuggled, but can hold her own with Dragon. It took Dragon a few days to warm up to idea of not being the only cat, but they are best friends now! She has picked up on the toilet training surprisingly fast and has figured out the ins and outs of running this place! She helps Dragon inspect all bags and dog beds that come through the door and loves greeting new people. She is also a food connoisseur, and will demand samples of whatever your are eating. We are so happy Phoenix has fit in so well!! 

Riot - Border Collie, 9 yrs

(3/22/2009 - 2/2/2019)

Riot was my heart dog. We shared a connection that I may never have with another dog. From the day he was born, I knew he was mine. He was one of the smartest dogs I have ever met, and achieved so much during his life. He loved agility, camping, fetch, herding cats, and learning new things. He was with me through my college years, we traveled across the country together, chased my dreams, crossed milestones, rode in a helicopter together and made millions of memories. No other dog will ever come close to my Riot, and losing him has been devastating. 

Harlow - Border Collie, 4 yrs


Harlow came to us through a boarding client (you may recognize her from photos during her visits!) that decided to rehome her. She has fit in perfectly with all our current pets and loves playing with her new pack members! She is a fetching machine and is currently working on her obedience skills! She has been introduced to agility and as long as you can keep up with this rocket, she does amazing! This smart little girl is a great addition to One of a Kind Canine's pack and we are so happy she joined us! (Parent's dog)

Charlie - Border Collie, 13 yrs

Charlie was a once in a lifetime dog. He loved fetch (frisbee is his favorite though he would play with anything he could pick up), camping, agility and cuddling. He was an amazing agility dog and could go from 0 to turbo speed in the blink of an eye! Onyx taught him how to pick up things underwater, so this water dog did it all! Charlie was the smartest dog I have ever met, and things won't be the same without him. He left us so suddenly and unexpectedly that we are still in shock. We are all going to miss seeing his handsome face and crooked grin every day.