Oneof a Kind Canine, LLC

Rent - A - Kennel 

Rent-a-Kennel is designed for owners who want to bring their dogs to daycare or for boarding, but are at work either before One of a Kind Canine opens, or aren’t off until after it closes. Each kennel has an indoor an outdoor area, a secure top, and a locked gate that only the owner and myself will have the combination to. Each kennel has it's own container for your dog's belongings. The dog will be let into the daycare area as soon as I arrive. When the facility closes at 5:00 pm, any dogs that are scheduled to be picked up from their Rent-a-Kennel will be returned to their kennel. Rent-a-Kennel can be reserved on a daily or monthly basis. Rent-a-Kennel must be reserved and paid for in advance.

Making your best friend better.

$6 per day