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Oneof a Kind Canine, LLC

"Is the first time I ever left my two Little Chihuahua's Mimi and Molly and they did great. Would recommend them to anyone in town they're wonderful!!!" - Bobbie L.

"My dog goes to the doggie day care three times a week. It is great for him he gets lots of exercise and play time which he cannot get at home. And I get some rest as I work nights and need to sleep during the day. Thanks for being there for the both of us." - Betty W.

"My boys, Moe and Xander, feel like One of a Kind Canine is their second home! They are excited to go every time and Ashlea takes such good care of them! She sends me videos and keeps me updated while we are gone! We are so thankful for One of a Kind Canine in Rawlins! A safe and fun place for our pets to go!" - Lacey H.

"We were at a complete loss when we rescued our boxer right before we drove cross country from Maine to Wyoming, he had been locked in a room and little to no socialization with people or animals. He would bark and lung non stop at anyone new, very anxious pup to the point we were afraid to take him anywhere around people. We knew he would never hurt anyone but people saw a boxer barking and looking like a crazy dog they would be terrified and tell us we needed to get him under control. We were in Wyoming for a few short months and we only heard good things about one of a kind so we decided to try it. Ashlea stayed calm during the initial interview not even batting an eye that she practically had to yell in order for us to hear her due to Jax's uncontrollable barking. After staying a week at one of a kind we met a new dog, we are able to take him for walk without worrying that he will get out of control. My husband and I are very sad that when we get another dog we won't have one of a kind canine to train it due to being back and Maine. But even 3,000 miles away Ashlea will answer any questions we have which is extremely helpful!" Cheyenne S.

"Look at these Ocean Dogs behaving so well. Huge shout out to your badassery. Training was worth every penny. [...] If dogs aren't around Lou is great off leash! She does soooo much better if Lyla meets the dog first. And Lyla did AMAZING on the beach. Lots of smells but she stayed close by and came when we called." - Emily K.

"Ashlea Rocks !!! One of a Kind Canine is a wonderful place for Fur Babies. My Tessa Loves going there for Doggie Day Care, Boarding, and for Training. When Tessa is in Ashlea's care I know that I have nothing to worry about and my fur baby will be very well taken care of, Ashlea always post pictures and videos of all the dogs and the fun they are having. I highly recommend One of a Kind Canine to everyone with fur babies!!!!" - Chet S.


"My dogs stayed with one of a kind when we were on vacation. They were well cared for and had fun. It is great knowing your fur kids are cared for." - Mandi S.

"Best Kennel I have ever used! The dogs get attention and play time together, Staff are caring and work with your schedule! Love this buisness." - Windy S.

"My 2 year old Siberian husky would never listen and would drag anyone who had him on a leash and was always a runner!! A "BIG THANK YOU" to One of a Kind Canine. Astro walks great on a leash and he is off the leash trained. Thank you for your time in training my dog. I'm so great-full for you" - Kelsey J.

"Just got back from Christmas travels with two different hotel stays and Milo did so well and had such great manners. It was night and day from last year when we stayed at a couple hotels before he came to visit you." - Brandi M.

"When I took Ruger to her, he had a lot of obedience issues and he didn’t listen very well at all! When he graduated, he listened, he was and is obedient, and is much much more calm! Ashlea is absolutely amazing! If you have a fur baby that needs some work, call Ashlea! You won’t regret it!" - Carrie P.

"Ashlea is a very caring person that loves animals. Ashlea goes above and beyond to take great care of all the animals!!! Ashlea's rattlesnake class is a MUST!!!" - Barbara J.

"Thank you again for taking such great care of our pooches. We really appreciate it. It sure makes for a wonderful trip knowing they are being well taken care of." Tom S.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My dogs were very well taken care of and I love that they had free time in the yard with a pond and got pictures while we were away."- Jennifer S.

"Cali learned her snake lesson quite well! We were out walking and she jumped straight in the air and made a big circle around the snake. The snake was near me and she wouldn't even come by me! Thanks! You're a winner!" - Susan K.

"We had no idea how to train a puppy, so we went to One of a Kind. After our dog Cocoas training session (a couple of weeks of board-in training), Ashlea showed us what Cocoa had learned and gave us instructions to keep up the training at home. She has also been helpful whenever we have had additional training questions or setbacks. We now have a well behaved puppy. 
Cocoa also loves staying there when we are out of town and we are confident that she is happy and well taken care of." - Adam & Becky C.

"We got Kelby home yesterday from trying what a difference Ashlea was so good with her she is a totally different dog on her leash she sits and lays down I just can't say enough good things about Ashlea and her facility have worked with Kelby several times since we brought her home and she is doing so well the only bad thing was how much I missed her but we got pictures and texts how awesome" - Sue S.

"This is the best thing I could have done for my 8 month ole Bull Terrier Ginger she had one on one training with an AKC recommended trainer Ashlea. I was impressed Ginger got the “ Dream Dog “ training worked out well I can actually walk my dog now with no pulling she is still a work in progress, I need to work on keeping her “calm” in public places but she has come along ways thanks to Ashlea and her skill. I would highly recommend this place to everyone for sure! I feel fortunate to have a place like this locally!" - Teresa M.