The Good Dog program is our shortest program at 5 days and allows us to introduce the basics of obedience and manners during your dog's stay.

This program is good for people who need a little help with some minor issues, a solid start with a young dog, basic leash manners to make walks or trips to the vet doable, or a refresher during a vacation. 

(Picture: Jackson on day 2 of the Good Dog Program)

Behavior Modification
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation

Imagine taking your dog to the park and having the off leash control you've always wanted! We all want our dogs to reach their full potential and be proud to take them in public. With One of a Kind Canine's obedience programs, it's possible!! Obedience is the foundation for a happy, balanced relationship between a dog and their owner. 

Before you decide on a Training Package, One of a Kind Canine will do a Meet & Wag evaluation. Evaluations are done with every family interested in training, this allows me to meet you and your dog in person, discuss the different options, and help you decide what Training Package would be the best fit for you and your goals.

All Training Packages are Board & Train. This style is very efficient, effective, and convenient for most dog owners because I do all the hard work! During your dog's stay, they will receive lots of personal attention, plenty of play time and socialization, and of course the one-on-one training he or she needs to succeed and become the dog you know they can be!

(Picture: Riot getting to drive the Rhino for his 5th birthday in his cool dude shades [doggles] and orange safety vest.)

Taking your dogs for a walk in the country can be fun, and dangerous. Rattlesnakes are very common throughout Wyoming and one bite can cause serious injury or death. De-snaking your dog, along with the Rattlesnake Vaccination may save your dog's life.

Your dog will receive training with a proven method of snake proofing. Your dog(s) will be trained to recognize snakes as a danger to themselves and possibly you. Dogs are curious animals and typically do not have a natural fear of snakes. This training is designed to safely introduce snakes as a negative experience.

This clinic and the methods used allow you to walk your dog directly up to the snake in several realistic situations. We use live, wild-caught rattlesnakes during the clinic and take every precaution to avoid injury to the dogs and people involved. Your dog will be exposed to the snake 3-4 times during the training to ensure he or she recognizes and avoids the sight, scent, and sound of a rattlesnake. During the clinic, your dog will wear an electronic stimulating collar, or e-collar, to simulate the bite of a snake. This method of training prevents the dog from associating the people involved with his/her aversion to snakes, making the training more effective. 

Snake training is offered in late spring and during the summer. Please call or e-mail to reserve a spot for you and your dog and to find out when the next Snake Avoidance Clinic is! 

(Picture Left: 2015 Snake Avoidance Clinic - Photo Credit: Heather Colson Photography

Pictures Below: Onyx avoiding a rattlesnake during a recall)

Unleash your dog's potential! The Super Dog program is our most popular program and offers owners the off-leash control they want. During your dog's 15 day stay, we will work on and off leash around as many real-life distractions as possible, including dog daycare groups, going to various pet-friendly stores, and anything else we can think of! Off-leash reliability is crucial for any dog who may be off leash at any time in their life, and we can help you achieve that with the Super Dog program.

This program is ideal for people who take their dogs on outdoor adventures (camping, hiking, lake time, etc) and for anyone who wants to take their dog out without needing a leash! 

(Picture: Leica at 5 1/2 months going for her first off-leash walk!!)

Dream Dog   1350

Do you ever wonder why some dogs are confident with everything they do and others seem scared of their own shadow? What puppies learn at a young age affects their behavior for the rest of their lives. Proper socialization and exposure to a variety of new things will help shape your puppy into a happy, confident dog. Socializing a puppy is a delicate balance of exposure and control. ​If you have a new puppy, or are planning to get one, and have questions about how to help him adjust to his new home (including house training!), give us a call! We will help you shape your puppy into a calm, confident, house-broken youngster!  

Pre-trained dogs

Behavior Evaluations

Super Dog!    1990

Snake Avoidance   40 (first time)  25 (refresher)

Obedience and Meet & Wag (Evaluations)

AKC Canine Good Citizen 

Good dog   675

I am a certified evaluator for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test. CGC is a ten part certification program that is designed to teach responsible dog ownership and certify dogs that have the training and behaviors needed to be reliable, well-behaved members of their family and community.

All dogs that pass the CGC certification qualify to receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club as well as the option to order an ID tag along with many other CGC products! Please visit the AKC website for more information on the Canine Good Citizen Test. To set up a test, please call or e-mail.

All training programs include:

  • ​Appropriate training equipment for your dog (will vary based on individual dog and training program)
  • Complimentary follow-up one-on-one lessons to help you continue the training at home
  • ​Board and train: the cost of boarding is included in the price of the program
  • One of a kind goals: we can focus on your goals during your dog's stay

One of a Kind Canine, LLC does NOT guarantee the temperament of any dog!!

(Picture: Sparks in her SAR pack)

The Dream Dog program is 10 days of manners, obedience, and distractions! We incorporate the training into more real-life situations and teach your dog the self-control they need to properly handle anything they encounter. 

​This program is perfect for people that want to start a young dog off for success, the family that has a dog they can't hardly walk, and most dogs that need manners and self-control.

(Picture: Riot going for a Ranger ride with his Doggles on)

Adopt Me!

Behavior Modification    

Group classes

Obedience Training
Snake Avoidance

Training Programs

We do not currently offer group classes, but we are looking into offering a variety of classesin the future! These classes will include basic & advanced obedience, trick training, agility, and more!

Check back often for updates if you are interested in future group classes! Stay up to date on all of our activities by LIKING us on Facebook! 

Oneof a Kind Canine, LLC

Come. Stay. Play!

One of a Kind Canine offers a variety of training programs to accommodate your family, schedule, goals, and your dog's unique personality. Obedience training isn't just for working & show dogs. Dogs thrive in structured environments when they know what's expected of them and how to meet these expectations. When a home doesn't have structure, many dogs become frustrated and can develop bad habits to relieve that frustration. Some of these bad habits include destructive behaviors, excessive barking, obsessive behaviors (digging, spinning etc.) and some dogs even redirect that frustration towards family members (talking back, aggressive behavior, etc.) Providing your dog with the structure he needs and wants will make your home a calmer, happier place, and allow your dog to expand their world.

Occasionally, we will have trained dogs or puppies available to purchase! These dogs can range in age from 8 weeks to adults and the breed may vary. All of our available dogs will have lots of socialization, obedience, manners and a variety of other training. If you are interested in a pre-trained dog, please contact us, and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with any available dogs we may have! Prices will vary depending on age and level of training.

(Picture: Onyx cooling off while camping)

This package is offered specifically for dogs in animal shelters or rescues that are having a hard time finding a forever home. The dog will stay with us for a predetermined number of days. During this time, the main focus will be to make the dog a better best friend for the lucky person that adopts them! This can be anything from leash manners to dog aggression and everything in between!

We offer a discounted price for shelters & rescues that have a dog in need of the Adopt Me program.

(Picture: Hunter, a former shelter dog (for over a year!!) and successful Adopt Me!! graduate, learning how to be a family dog)

Some dogs have extreme behavior issues that basic obedience won't completely fix. The Behavior Modification Program is a very intensive program that focuses on structure, boundaries, and control. 

This program helps your dog overcome their current behavior limitations and give you the ability to correctly handle real-life situations with your dog. Most dogs that are eligible for Behavior Modification have serious issues that will take time, work, and patience to overcome. Some dogs will nee to be accustomed to wearing a muzzle 24/7 prior to enrolling in a Behavior Modification course. Requirements for your dog will be discussed during the Meet n Wag.

This programs time and cost will depend on your dog and their issues.

(Picture: Rudy, the Cane Corso, with a bad attitude and bite history with other dogs, going for a walk at the beginning of his Behavior Modification Training.)​